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Kahal Shachah Fellowship

Kahal Shachah (Assembly of Worship), is a bible study fellowship that arose out of a desire, that was placed in each believers heart, to search out the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith.

The fellowship is made of believers that have come from many Christian based backgrounds, with one common thread. Each individual and/or family recognizes Jesus (Yeshua Ha Maschiach) as Messiah, Savior and Lord.

While the first century church (assemblings of believers) embraced their Hebrew roots, since the first believers were Hebrew and knew nothing different, the face or dynamics of gatherings of believers in the Messiah Yeshua, changed under the reign of Constantine (ruler of the Roman empire - 326 A.D.). To understand what happened to the church, we must understand the man who changed the way that believers gathered to worship and why.

Constantine, did not worship the Son of God (Yehovah). He was a sun god worshipper. As a result, Constantine passed a decree, known as Constantine's Creed, in which he mandated that all believers, regardless of their beliefs, would not worship on Saturday, but on Sunday (Sun god worship day), or die. The result of this decree was that many died, standing for what they knew and believed, others converted and still others fled for their lives, to pursue worshipping the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, on the day that is know as Shabbat (Sabbath).

With all that said, those that gather at Kahal Shachah, found one another, after the Lord God most high (El Elyon), revealed the need to pursue His appointed times (Moadim), His feast days and His Shabbat. Malachi 3:6, states "I am the Lord God and I do not change." HE never changed His appointed day of rest and worship, but a man did. This has resulted in much of the world, missing a greater connection with the King of kings and Lord of lords.

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At Kahal Shachah, we gather on His Shabbat and worship and study the word of God. We follow the ancient paths of our forefathers of the faith. We recognize and serve the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The One and Only true Elohim. We recognize that because of the sins and fallen state of man, that God (Yehovah) had to send a Savior (Yeshua) to the world, to be our Redeemer. In the words of John the Baptist (Yochanon the immerser), he said, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the Earth!" This statement was made, just as Jesus (Yeshua), crested the hillside and came down to the river Jordan and was Baptized (Immersed/Mikved).

Jesus (Yeshua) is the Passover Lamb! HE was crucified on Passover. He paid the price for our sins, that we might be afforded the privilege and opportunity of redemption. John 3:16-17 states, "For God (Yehovah) so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him might not perish, but have everlasting life. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him, we might be saved. THAT, IS AMAZING LOVE!

Come visit us for praise and worship. Call Kahal Shachah with any questions at 912-230-4005 / 912-571-2286.


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